And So The Love Affair Begins

I didn’t used to drink coffee. Well, I guess no one used to drink coffee at some point, but you get what I mean. For a while I was simply a tea drinker. I grew up being told coffee would stunt my growth, stain my teeth, make me jittery, damage my health if I drank too much, etc. I loved Haagen Daz coffee ice cream though. That was the extent of my coffee consumption up until high school, and by then I only added the occasional caramel or mocha frappuccino to the mix.

It wasn’t until the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college that I started to drink coffee more often, not regularly, but often enough that I knew that I enjoyed the bitter taste and smooth finish of a good brew. Granted I was only drinking iced coffees from lame places like Starbucks and Coffee Bean at the time, but I knew I was about to level up soon.

Spring semester of my sophomore year marked the transition from occasional coffee consumer to enthusiast (on noob level though). Caffeine doesn’t really affect me so I never got the jitters, alertness, or racing heartbeat from a strong brew or even espresso like most other people. I just like the taste. And the warmth. And the vibes. Soon I was googling and yelping cafes and coffee shops in LA to visit in an attempt to find 1) my drink and 2) my spot.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
first ever “coffee” photo | matcha latte | Urth Caffe | DTLA

LA has some really cool, albeit pretentiously hipster cafes and shops. Groundwork Coffee is one of my favorites even though I’ve only been there once. It wasn’t necessarily the birthplace of m.o.c.h.a. but the first shop I documented, and for that it’s special. Also, the Vietnamese iced coffee is pretty legit. Not as good nor as authentic as the ones from Viet-French cafes in Orange County, but quite good.

the birth of m.o.c.h.a. (sort of) | Viet iced coffee | Groundwork Coffee | Arts District

I’ve visited lots of cafes and coffee shops since then, but mostly in Dallas because I didn’t get into the cafe scene until right before I moved there for the summer. I’m excited to explore the cafes here in Vienna though; they’re obsessed with coffee and cafe life here. I love it! I’m a bit intimidated though since it’s all in German ,and I’m still a novice when it comes to different brews and whatnot. But I’m pumped to document my coffee house adventures in Europe and cannot wait to explore Los Angeles and Orange County when I come back home.

P.S. My mom gave me a Vietnamese coffee maker, the super slow drip brew kind, and I love it! It makes such deliciously strong coffee and is eco-friendly because there’s no need for paper filters! It’s just a little cumbersome cleaning out the grounds and waiting in agony for all the water to drip through, but totally worth it. Buy one today!! They’re super cheap! $$ or rather €€


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