ahoy! it’s maitlyn

My Attempt at Turning a Growing Obsession (and Shrinking Bank Account) into Something Productive

Since the beginning of this year, my affinity for coffee and coffee shops has slowly blossomed into unabashed love and obsession. There’s just something so wonderful about the way black coffee cuts through the lingering aftertastes of other foods and cleanses the palette. By the way, french roast is the best; dark, rich, black, and aromatic, it’s the superior roast by far. Wow, I sound like such a coffee snob, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I love black coffee and espressos, but I’m not claiming to be an expert in this subject matter at all. I’m still a noob who orders lattes and cappuccinos because asking for a pourover or french press is intimidating. Someday…someday.

After many short-lived surges of inspiration and productivity that failed to result in anything, I’m finally going to start this project. It’s a blog about a few things I love and wish to indulge in more often: coffee, books, travel, writing, etc. I’m trying to be more knowledgeable about coffee since it’s a newly acquired interest, read and engage with more books, document my experiences while studying abroad in Vienna, and share my thoughts through writing.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully this becomes a legit thing.



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