Book List #1: Summer 2016

Books I’ve read this summer (in order read):

A Thousand Splendid SunsThe Casual Vacancy, and Anansi Boys not pictured

Since my daily work commute was about an hour each way by public transportation, I got very, very familiar with the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). The 372, 400, blue, red, and orange lines quickly became my second home this summer. All this free time on the bus and train gave me the perfect opportunity to get back into reading for pleasure.

Best decision ever. I missed reading for fun so much. I used to devour literature when I was younger, but as I got older and busier, I reasoned that the books assigned to me in school were enough to satisfy my literary hunger. But despite being exposed to great literature through AP English and CLAS 280 Classical Mythology, nothing can compare to perusing shelves of paperbacks in a local bookstore, riffling through pages, scanning synopses, buying so many stories they tumble out of your arms as you bring them home, and one-by-one turning the page of each new adventure as the world passes you by outside the train window. It’s magical.

I read 12 books this summer (still finishing Anansi Boys so that’ll be 13). I read them on the bus, on the train, in cafes, at work, in the park, in bookstores, at home, everywhere.

The saddest part about this book journey is that I had to leave so many of them behind. Limited luggage space meant selling them back to Half Price Books (an amazing independent, used bookstore in Texas!!) and saying goodbye to some of my favorite stories. Buying new copies would be nice, but it’s different when it’s not the book. I have shelves full of my old favorites, some very worn down, that hold the memories of all the times I’ve read and reread my favorite characters triumphing over mystical monsters, struggling with inner demons, and becoming heroes. I open each book and am transported back to the first time I ever saw those words on the page and heard the author’s voice. It won’t be the same if it’s not the one.

I hope I can continue to read a lot of books in my spare time during the school year. Usually I’m lucky to get even two done in the entire year. But maybe because I’m studying abroad this semester, I’ll have more opportunity to tackle a few more on my “To Read” list. I just have to find an English bookstore first.

Update 9/20/16: Finished Anansi Boys. It was great. 😀

Reviews for these books coming soon! Hopefully not too much memory and insight were lost over time. That would be tragic.


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