Classes Haven’t Even Started And I’m Swamped

Like I mentioned in my Google/Organization post, I’m really busy. Like really busy. It amazes me how busy I am despite still not having classes yet. But they will be starting on Thursday by the way, so I won’t be on summer vacation for much longer. Auf wiedersehen freedom!

I’m extremely backlogged on content for this blog, its corresponding Instagram account (@ahoymocha), my food Instagram (@cravemavens), my own Instagram, sharing photos to Facebook for easier viewing, and organization of all the media I’ve accumulated this past month. I know I just preached the wonders of Google and organization, but honestly I’m terrible at it because I’m such a perfectionist and ambitious person that I can’t do something unless I’m in the right mood and can meet my high standards for it.

That is why I’m going to put less pressure on myself to produce only comprehensive, in-depth content for this blog. The original intent was to have each post matter more than on the superficial level of merely showcasing my life experiences through writing, photos, videos, etc. I wanted to provide some sort of valuable information or insight each time I spoke to the public. I needed to have every single thing planned out perfectly and published in order.  I was expecting too much of myself.

And I know this sounds kind of horrible that so early in this blog’s lifespan I’m expressing the difficulties of running it, but truthfully I have so much going on behind the scenes that just isn’t published. So I’m saying “Screw it.” I’ll be sharing anything from simple photo entries and five sentence updates/thoughts to edited travel videos and 1000 word essays on being extremely introverted and independent while surrounded by hypersocial people almost 24/7. Get pumped people.

TL;DR: Posts will be less structured from now on. Don’t expect essays. Content will not be in chronological order because I need to publish things about the summer months too. Thank you for being patient! I am only human…Or am I? #robot

idk dude. it’s going to be easy breezy from now on. i hope. | Melk, Austria

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