Photo Diary #1: Auf Wiedersehen Orange County!! (9/4-9/5)

From one big move to the next: Dallas to Vienna

June 2016 marked the beginning of a long period of time in which I wouldn’t see my family or friends. For 6 months I would be away from anyone I knew, first while interning at AT&T in Dallas, Texas and while studying abroad in Vienna, Austria (where I am currently). Living alone didn’t bother me and neither did moving to a new place since I knew I would adjust to my lifestyles quickly and grow to enjoy them too. But honestly, looking back at it now, I missed SoCal living so much. There’s nothing like Los Angeles and Orange County. I love these two places so much and didn’t come to realize that until I was gone for some time. So despite loving Vienna right now, I’m excited to return a more “worldly” person and experience home in a new way.


So for my first photo diary post, here are a few pics from my journey from Orange County to Wien, Österreich. My last meal in California was of course Vietnamese food from Huế Ơi with my parents and grandmother. I flew out of LAX on Sept. 4th; had a 4 and a half hour connection in Frankfurt, Germany; and landed in Vienna on Sept. 5th around 6 PM. In total it was about a 14 hour flight. My foreign exchange buddy picked me up from the airport and drove me to my new apartment. He also gave me Manner wafers, Mozartkugeln (chocolate pralines), and tourist maps! Such a wonderful buddy!


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