Video Diary #1: First Saturday in Vienna (9/10)

IKEA – Naschmarkt – Prater

Quite late in posting this because syncing video files is excruciatingly slow when you have crappy WiFi. Thanks OeAD.

So I’m in Vienna, and it’s the weekend. What do I do? Errands! Yay!!! What a good child I am. Oh wait, adult. At least, I ended the day with some good old amusement park shenanigans ~~ Shout out to IKEA pencils.#theonlyreasonwewenttoIKEA

Music: Cayucas – High School Lover

A friend and I made the 45 minute trek to IKEA because we were in dire need of resealable containers, dish towels, trash cans, and scissors. To celebrate being so domestic, we went to the exotic land of Naschmarkt where dried fruit, spices, shwarma, veggies, and falafel overflow from market stands and aromatic curried meats waft into the air all around you. The perfect end to my Saturday came in the form of screaming my head off from being flipped upside down countless times while 10 meters in the air at Prater. Fun times.

About This Post

Originally, I wanted to post this video solely on Instagram and have that platform be my host for these vlogs because I want to keep them short, easy to watch, and clustered with all the photos I’ve been sharing there already. Unfortunately, Instagram and Facebook have much stricter policies on copyright material than YouTube and Google, and I made the mistake of using a copyrighted song for the background music. Bad oversight on my part. I wasn’t able to post on Instagram, so I uploaded it to my YouTube channel instead, which just adds another platform to access content. Not the simplest of executions.

I really, really love the song, and I don’t mean any harm by using it, especially since it’s for personal use, but I do not want to run into this little snag again. Either I use royalty free music, which I kind of hate, or I continue to post the videos on YouTube, which also has better quality. I’ll see what I want to do once I get around to editing the next video. I’d much rather use songs I like and I think fit the theme of the video, so I’ll most likely continue using YouTube.


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