Coffee Corner #2: The First Cappuccino

Welcome to another Coffee Corner and the first Vienna/European coffee feature! Like I said, I’ll be flip flopping between old and semi-current coffee house adventures. I say semi-current because this little adventure is still like a month old but whatever. This one’s special because it’s a cafe that’s on my university campus, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

Sidenote: I’m writing this while sitting in a different cafe in Vienna, which I will most definitely feature in a later post because it’s awesome. Hint: It’s Coffee Pirates!

The Breakdown

  • Place: Library Cafe und Roastery at WU Wien
    • Size: narrow and a bit cramped from having a staircase run through the middle
    • Seating:
      • variety of colorful plush arm chairs and low coffee tables
      • one long counter with barstools
      • a few two-seater tables with chairs in the back
      • outdoor seating a mixture of couch-like seating paired with low coffee tables and taller tables paired with benches
    • Decor: bright and colorful furniture, chalkboard menus with colorful borders, vases with flowers, floor-to-ceiling windows, light and airy vibe
    • Non-Coffee Items for Sale:
      • tea, chai and green tea lattes, smoothies, juices
      • pre-made sandwiches, muffins, and pastries
      • full lunch menu of pasta, burgers, bagels, sandwiches, salads, curry etc.
      • cups, mugs, travel mugs
    • Notable Notes:
      • housed in the WU campus library
      • takes campus ID card money as payment (not sure what it’s actually called)
      • free wifi from the university
      • it was really crowded from the rush of students coming in for lunch or an afternoon coffee/study break
  • Drink: small cappuccino
    • Price: €2,60 = $2.88
    • Quick Critique:
      • so creamy and smooth but notably rich and dark too
      • very warm taste (not just b/c it’s hot coffee lol)
      • wholesome?? (is that even a way to describe coffee?? idk)
      • freaking cute as hell, look at that tulip! and the gorgeous stains around the lip of the mug ❤
    • Rating: 4/5

In the Moment

Oh my god. Yesssss. What are these vibes?? What is this school?? It’s so cute! And it’s in the library!! The library is a spaceship and there’s an aesthetic, sort of hipster cafe in it!! I love this campus. Good first coffee in Vienna. Oh shit, my phone battery is running low. I should head home.

A Warm Welcome to My New Home

How fitting for the first Coffee Corner posts to be two different “first” coffee shops! I visited the Library Cafe und Roastery on my first full day in Vienna. The day prior I arrived at the airport around 6:00 PM and was taken to my apartment by my exchange buddy. I finished moving in by about 9:00 PM and promptly went to bed at 10:00 PM because I was severely jetlagged and sleep deprived (seems to be a recurring theme) having only slept a total of 2 hours during my 14 hour journey from Los Angeles to Vienna.

So despite arriving on Monday, I didn’t do anything until the next day. I spent that wonderfully rainy Tuesday morning eating leftover airplane pastries and trekking through a labyrinthine city (exaggerating here) to various offices for an overwhelming plethora of bureaucratic documents. It was a pretty stressful and exhausting adventure, especially on your first day in a new country where you only know four words in the native language: ja, nein, auf wiedersehen, and schmetterling. How fun.

And to top it off, I forgot my laptop charger back in California and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to complete some vital registration processes because I didn’t have my birth certificate. Needless to say, I was having a rough beginning in good old Wien.

But despite the worrying and frantic texting to my mom about my failings as an adult, all those registration processes with housing, Austrian government, and the buddy program went through without a hitch. I rewarded myself and escaped from the chilly rain (what a shock that was from the 90 F heat I had just escaped from in SoCal) by ducking into the library and finding this charming jewel of a cafe. I was so damn happy.

The weight of this opportunity I had been dreaming about for years and am now experiencing was finally hitting me. Navigating foreign streets, not understanding the language, being unable to easily ask for help, freaking out over my credit card not working, being completely on my own, etc. Those few hours of my first Vienna morning were a transformative and enlightening “moment” I will always remember. There was so much fear, wonder, anxiety, weariness, excitement, and loneliness all in such a short time.

Having a hot cup of coffee in a bright yet cozy cafe in the library of my new campus after all that was the most wonderful feeling I could ever imagine. The warmth of the cappuccino and the vibes of the cafe washed away the worry, and each sip filled me with renewed excitement for my new home and all the coffee house adventures I’ll have here. At the time of writing this, I have been to several coffee shops and cafes since then, but none so far have been as special as this little library cafe. I mean come on, it’s a library cafe; what can be better than that?


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