A Quick Update

So sorry for neglecting this blog! October was kind of hectic so I let this go by the wayside. I know, I know. This thing has been very inconsistent and sparse, but I do intend to use it! I’ve just had other priorities to take care of before I could dedicate time to this little project. But for some background on why I’ve been MIA here’s a super quick rundown of the past month (oh my!) and why I’ve been too busy to tend to this:

  • Salzburg and Hallstatt trip
  • 10 day (mostly) solo trip to London, Berlin, and Prague
  • Week long block class of 6 hours of lecture for four days
    • 2 case study presentations included
  • Catching up on homework I neglected while travelling
  • Applying to internships

I’ll be posting again soon, but in the mean time photos can be found on my Instagram @ahoy_maity. I’m retiring the ahoymocha Instagram since it’s a bit much to manage three accounts at once. Speaking of which, follow me @cravemavens for food adventures in Europe! Lastly, it’s a little late to tell people to vote for the U.S. president since we’re winding down now but go! I faxed my vote in yesterday and have my fingers crossed. Seriously, if Trumps wins I’m leaving as soon as I graduate. Bye! Here’s to waking up at 6 AM for the results because I’m too tired to stay up all night.

East Side Gallery | Berlin, Germany

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