Hello 2017 – January Favorites and Blog Updates

January Favorites

Here are my favorite things from the month of January (I say as it’s already 10 days into February 🙈).


  • La La Land
  • Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage // Haruki Murakami
    • I read Norwegian Wood in October while visiting London, Berlin, and Prague and fell in love with Murakami’s writing. I highly recommend this one if you like romances and stories about identity. Content warnings for depression, suicide, and death.
    • While in Paris, I bought Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki at a bookstore called Shakespeare and Company to read on my flight back to Los Angeles. The shop is an amazing, magical bookstore any bibliophile should visit if they get the chance. Though I like Norwegian Wood more, I still loved this one and just finished it two weeks ago.
Image result for colorless tsukuru tazaki
Not the edition I have but this cover art is amazing!


  • Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix) // The Shins – one of my faves of all time
  • City of Stars // La La Land Soundtrack
  • Noon Pacific – weekly mixtape app with lots of indie tracks



  • Black bomber // Monki – it’s got an orange lining!
  • Black athletic shoes from Champion // Payless
  • Black eyebrow pencil // NYX – there was no NYX in Austria!


  • My beautiful, wonderful laptop! // HP Spectre x360 ❤
  • My lovely, amazing phone!! // Nexus 5x ❤
  • Not having either of the above items for a few weeks was absolute hell T_T


  • Vietnamese food: pho, banh khot, com tam, bun, cafe sua da – Missed them so much while abroad
  • Mangoes!!


  • bullet journaling – I will write a blog post all about my journal soon!
  • Lunar New Year or Tết
  • Vietnamese Student Association

Fall 2016 Playlist

My favorite songs (in no particular order) during the fall months and my semester abroad! Follow me on Spotify peeps~~


Hi hi. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog, so I’m sorry for essentially ditching it. I know I planned to write about my adventures while studying abroad but I was hardly ever in the mood to write, so I didn’t. That’s okay though. I hope.

2016 was a roller coaster of a year and 2017 has been off to a rough start. Nothing bad; just lots and lots of things to do, so I’m tired. But I will make it a good year filled with lots of “checking things off of my to-do list.”

One goal was to post twice a month…Well January already passed and that didn’t happen. Whoops. I’ll be better for the coming months. Ideally. Weeks 1-3 of the spring semester were just hell but things are looking up, so I’m optimistic.

I promise this blog isn’t dead. It just needs to go through a makeover.


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