My Viennese Coffee Faves

As a coffee afficianado and a slightly shameful hipster enthusiast, studying abroad in Vienna was a dream come true. There were so many aesthetic cafes with amazing coffee all over the city! My only regret was not getting to hit up every coffee shop on my list. I guess that’s just another reason to go back right? 😀

Below I’ve categorized all my favorite places to get coffee by type of food establishment. The best ones come first!



Coffee Shops

✨ Where else would you get good coffee?!! I lived out my dreams in these places and am hardcore wishing I could go back right now to sit in these shops with a hot mug again. Some of my fondest memories of Vienna were in these cafes.


📍 Spitalgasse 17

My absolute favorite coffee shop in Vienna! Luckily for me, it was only 2 tram stops away from my apartment so I didn’t have to brace the cold every time I needed a fix. The bright and quirky decor, cheerful service, and stable WiFi made it an energizing place to study/get some work done and a cozy place to catch up with friends over delicious cups of coffee. Plus the pirate theme was a great touch. With the username @ahoy_maity, I fit right in with the crew! I just love CoffeePirates so much; wish I could be back there now. ❤

P.S. Chalkboard walls in the restrooms provide some very interesting reads while you’re on the crapper.

Favorite drink: dirty chai latte


Burgasse 24

📍 Sankt-Ulrichs Platz 7

A very close second in my ranking of coffee shops, Burgasse 24 is perfect in every way except for its fewer offerings in terms of drinks. The lack of a chai latte is its only fault here. But if all you want is great coffee, a funky study space, and tasty sandwiches in the heart of Vienna’s artisan and crafts space, this is your place! My friend Bona and I came here to study a few times and were too distracted by how cool the interior design was to get much done hahaha!!

P.S. The cafe is located in the back of a fashion boutique with some very eccentrically posed mannequins…

Favorite drink: flat white


Library Cafe und Roastery

📍 WU Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

The very first coffee shop I visited in Vienna and it was on my campus! I already wrote a post about how special this library cafe is to me so check that out here. Nostalgia and sentiment aside, this little cafe is awesome. The drinks are delicious and affordable and the interior design bright, airy, and fun. Love going here after class or for a study break during finals.

P.S. Their bagels and burgers are super yummy too!


Jonas Reindl

📍 Wahringer Str. 2-4

This was the cafe many of my exchange program friends considered their favorite in Vienna, and I can see why. The drinks are bold and beautiful, the aesthetic a food Instagrammer’s dream, and the pastries to die for! Plus, the cafe is located right next to the Votivkirche so you can stop by for a cozy cup o’ joe after checking out the church!

Favorite drink: cappuccino



📍 Gumpendorfer St. 10

Phil is just too cool for school. Part cafe, bar, bookstore, record shop, and furniture store, this place is just sooooo hipster. But in a good way. The kind that is just really passionate about art and culture and getting awesome people together to have cool experiences. This is a wonderful place for studying and hanging out with friends or even shopping for that much needed statement piece for your artsy loft in the 9th district.

Favorite drink: mocha


POC Cafe “People on Caffeine”

📍 Schlosselgasse 21

A tiny place with lots of character, POC Cafe is a literal hole in the wall coffee shop with an underground flair and friendly service. Start your day off with an Adventurous Black Special for that extra kick in the morning.

P.S. I learned here that I cannot handle straight espresso but I was too proud to ask for milk afterwards. I survived. Barely.

Favorite drink: standard white



📍 Josefstadterstrasse 35

I passed this itty bitty coffee shop every time I walked down Josefstadterstrasse to my apartment but didn’t finally try it out until the end of my stay in Vienna! Big mistake because the coffee was great and the place is super cute. Their beans are fair trade as well!

Favorite drink: cappuccino


Coffee & Friends

📍 Josefstadterstrasse 7

Another tiny coffee shop on the Josefstadt? Man was I spoiled! This had a fun, quirky vibe and aromatic drinks. And like most other Viennese cafes, there were tiny tables and chairs outside for you to lounge on while you sipped your afternoon cup and watched the locals stroll by. Ugh, so scenic.

Favorite drink: cappuccino



Brunch is my favorite meal of the day so it was awesome having friends who were just as obsessed with late morning meals of pancakes, coffee, and toast as me. Finding the perfect brunch/cafe spot in Vienna was difficult, but these take the cake (or torte) for having great coffee too.


📍 Neustiftgasse 27

One of my first and favorite brunch places in all of Vienna! Sitting on grey, wooden tables and eating kaiserschmarrn while sipping delicious cappuccinos was the dream. Love this place and love that it was only a short walk from my apartment! I highly recommend the breakfast bowl and breakfast tacos~~

Favorite drink: cappuccino

Kaiserschmarrn w/ berries and a cappuccino!



📍 Museumsplatz 1

Located in the MuseumsQuartier, this cafe has delicious espresso drinks and a variety of healthy and indulgent brunch items. Plus, it’s in the heart of many of Vienna’s most popular and famous museums, so grab a bite, take a sip, and peruse the artistic masterpieces of Schiele, Klimt, and various contemporary artists.

Favorite drink: cappuccino



Traditional Viennese Coffee

When in Vienna, you have to get the traditional Viennese cafe experience by going to a cafe and getting the whole she-bang: melange, sacher torte, newspapers on wooden frames, plush seats, piano music, chandeliers, etc. The bougiest.


Cafe Central

📍 Herrengasse 14

One of Vienna’s most famous destinations, the cafe was a regular stomping ground for some of the most influential people in European history. Regulars included Freud, Trotsky, and even Vladamir Lenin. History aside, the cafe itself is gorgeous and absolutely magical to experience. Beware though; the prices can be quite steep since you’re paying for the ambience.


Cafe Sacher

📍 Philharmoniker Str. 4

Though an Austrian staple and an absolute must-visit while in Vienna, I didn’t go to Cafe Sacher until the last minute. But I’m glad I finally got to try the famous Sacher torte with my awesome travel buddy (and the Wendy to my Dipper) Tess! It was such a surreal experience to be sitting in such an ornate and historic cafe, sip coffee, and eat decadent cakes in the heart of the city. Again, magical.

P.S. Sacher torte is actually pretty underwhelming. Despite being a famous dessert and THE Austrian chocolate cake, the cake itself is quite dry and overly sweet. Plus the $20 price tag for the famous cake and a melange was too offputting for me to ever consider going back. But hey, you go for the experience and to say you did it.

Tess with her Sacher torte and melange

Bakery Chains

Last but not least (okay they’re kind of least haha), the Austrian equivalent of American donut/bagel shops: bakery chains! Here are just a few of the more popular chains that sell delicious (chain-quality) Austrian bread and quick cups o’ joe for cheap. Or would it be cups o’ Josef??


📍 Throughout Vienna with some notable ones at Hauptbahnof (the central train station), Rathaus (parliament), and the WU campus

My favorite of the bunch because it was on campus, Anker had decent – though slightly pricey for a chain – coffee and tasty sandwiches and bread. I loved the salmon and rocket sandwich and the matcha chocolate muffin. That thing was ginormous. Like the size of my head ginormous.


📍 All over Vienna

Not as good as Anker but not bad either. The o looks like a wow face. Kudos to that.

Felber, DerMann, SPAR


Stay tuned for a European coffee post in the near future! There were so many that I loved, so I just have to share them with you all! ❤


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