Cool Things from February

Late again to the monthly favorites post~~


I have a lot of music favorites this month so to save space I made a short playlist.

I’ve been obsessed with D.D Dumbo, especially this performance, so check out all his stuff!!


  • Slack – for all your project/organization’s communication needs
  • Excel – why would you use anything else for making schedules and running linear optimization problems??? #buad311struggles


  • flat whites – the superior espresso drink from Australia and New Zealand; my fave drink at Starbucks is a tall flat white with a long shot of espresso
  • matcha powder – green tea everything!!
  • buckwheat flour – muffins, cookies, and pancakes have never been tastier and healthier
  • Groundwork Coffee Co. – delicious coffee and a great study space in the beautiful Arts District!!


Vietnamese Culture Night – VSA’s annual culture show which consumed my life for all of January and February but was a labor of love; post about VCN here!


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