April was…aight…

April was a jam-packed month full of projects, exams, big events, internship and housing stress, club activities, and exhaustion. I am so ready to be done with this semester.

Then again, that means I’ll be done with junior year and only one semester away from graduation. Oh yeah! I’m graduating early! 😀 I figured why bother staying another semester and waste tuition money on a specialization in Web Development when I can learn the skills online? Going to USC is such a financial drain, so saving my parents a couple thousand dollars will be somewhat helpful.

I’ll graduate in December with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Cinematic Arts. Yay! It’s been a great run so far, and my only regrets academically were taking a few electives I ended up not liking and not ever taking a dance class. I was planning to do hip hop next semester, but my heart’s in contemporary and there weren’t any times that fit my schedule, so I signed up for a Python class instead. At least I’ll be learning a useful coding language. I’m also excited for the editing and camera classes I’m taking at the cinema school and working for Trojan Vision again! It’s going to be another busy semester, but the classes are more fun and creative this time so I’m looking forward to it.

As I reflect on the semester, I can’t help but feel incredibly proud and disappointed at the same time. On one hand, I did so much. I directed and produced VCN in just 2 months, served as VP of VSA, choreographed part of a dance for TCD, served as treasurer for TCD, participated in APASA functions, was recognized as an APA leader (read the blog post and check out the photo shoot here), worked on an AAPI photo project, worked on a short film for my production class, took a full course load, somewhat maintained this blog, worked part-time, and secured a summer internship.

On the other hand, I didn’t do as much as I’ve done in the past nor as much as I would have liked to do. But that’s just me being ambitious and hard on myself. There’s time to keep working, learning, and improving. I’m going to dedicate the summer to doing more.

April Favorites

Music 🎵

Humanz // Gorillaz — I’ve been obsessed with Gorillaz‘s upcoming album, Humanz, ever since I found out they were coming out of their six year hiatus. Every time they uploaded a new single to YouTube, I’d jam out to the music. And now the album just launched! (Currently listening to it on repeat at work) “Andromeda” is my favorite with “The Apprentice” being a close second. The Purple Disco Machine Remix of “Andromeda” is also pretty awesome. Man, I missed this weird cartoon band.


Some other Gorillaz favorites:

Bad Things // Milky Chance — just so catchy~~

Image result for bad things milky chance

Blonde // Frank Ocean — For the longest time, I’ve pretty much only listened to channelORANGE because I couldn’t get over how amazing the songs are—I tend to listen to songs over and over again until I tire of them and move on to my next obsession—but I finally listened to all of Blonde. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I cannot get over how genius Frank Ocean is! This album, and pretty much all of his music, is great for car rides, late night jam seshes, and winding down. It’s just so relaxing somehow.

Image result for blonde frank ocean

Fave songs from the album:

Name for You // The Shins — I used this as one of the transition songs for VCN! 😀


Super Secret // LINE Webtoon — The cutest story about magical creatures hiding their true form around an adorable human girl they’ve adopted into their family and a young werewolf’s denial about his crush on said human girl. #RyanXEmma

Image result for super secret webtoon

Kind of Confidential // LINE Webtoon — Another adorable comic! This one’s about about an impossible (but super cute) romance between a superhero and a girl who just so happens to have powers too.

Image result for kind of confidential webtoon

Check Please! // Tumblr — Precious hockey player dorks and lots of pie

Image result for check please comic

TV 📺

Brooklyn Nine-Nine // FOX —  This show is an absolute delight. It’s the chaotic good of TV sitcoms, but it so much more than just any other sitcom too. The characters are so wholesome, fleshed-out, and unique with individual quirks, aspirations, and failings so every plot-line and character arch is interesting. The show comments on diversity, equality, feminism, society, etc. while still being hilarious both visually and through dialogue.

Food 🍦☕🍓

Ground Zero // USC — I’ve already filled two rewards cards…It’s become a bit of a problem. A very delicious problem. Go for the milkshakes, coffee, and occasional student performance!

Amazebowls // USC — Order on Tapingo for more premium toppings!

7 Leaves // Orange County — House coffee > boba

Coffee Gelato Pops // Popbar and Stickhouse Gelato — mmmmmmm


Jughead Jones // Archie Universe — My love for him has only grown since last month. And my anger at Riverdale has reached the point of seething rage bubbling underneath an eerie calm of resignation. The show has gone to crap but I’m still invested. sigh

tarot readings — I can tell you your future…hehehe. I read with The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn deck from Egypt Urnash. Beware its really freaking weird interpretations and gorgeous, risque artwork.

Image result for tarot of the silicon dawn

naps on the couch — Sleep deprivation is a perpetual state of being


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