European Coffee Faves ☕

At long last here is my comprehensive list and review of all the coffee shops I visited while in Europe*. Though I had coffee at a few chains here and there too (like Starbucks or convenience stores), I chose not to mention them. The shops are listed in chronological order and divided by city. Each entry has a link to the Google Maps location, price range, drink and total coffee shop rating, and a few snippets of my travel adventures!

I hope you enjoy the post and have plenty of coffee adventures of your own, wherever you happen to be! ✨

*This post doesn’t include coffee shops in Vienna, Austria. For a list of my favorite Viennese coffee shops check out this post!


London, UK 🇬🇧


The Borough Barista

📍 15 Charles II St | $

I ducked into this little place on my way to Trafalgar Square (which was unfortunately closed off for an event) from Picadilly Circus. I loved that there was extra seating on the lower level and plenty of outlets for working on your laptop (or charging your phone like me haha). The aesthetic was a simple mixture of white walls, wood furniture, and teal mugs. They also had a good selection of pastries, baked goods, sandwiches, brewed coffee, and espresso drinks.

  • Ordered: cappuccino ☕
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5


Montparnasse Cafe

📍 22 Thackeray St | $

My friend Allie and I had a blast exploring London together because we had several things in common: we were obsessed with Harry Potter, loved coffee, and were hella cheap (like broke university student cheap). After some intense Yelping, Montparnasse Cafe popped up, and we were were relieved to find the drinks delicious and affordable, a nearly impossible thing in London! The shop is super cute too and definitely gives off a French vibe fitting with the name.

  • Ordered: cappuccinos
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5



Whittard of Chelsea

📍 Jubilee Market Hall | $$

So this technically isn’t coffee but I had to include it because the experience was wonderful! I finally had afternoon tea in a posh, English tea shop with my friends!! Dream come true. Make sure to sample as many teas as you can before ordereing so you can see what you like first! Also, get the fruity scones!! They have coffee too so you can get both if you’d like~~

  • Ordered: Gunpowder Green & fruity scone
  • Drink Rating: 3.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5


Monmouth Coffee

📍 2 Neal’s Yard | $$

This was one of the many places my friend Han recommended to me and the only one I managed to visit during my short time in London. We got there just before closing time too! I went to the one near Borough Market but there are locations all over the city, and they’re just so…aesthetically London. It’s very hipster and very good. The seating is limited though but there were a lot of people studying/working when I was there so I assume it’s a good study spot too.

  • Ordered: flat white
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4.5/5



Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪



📍 Rykestraße 45 | $$

The place is very spacious and there was a great selection of drinks and food but my struggles with the WiFi and finding outlets kinda took this one down a peg. I liked that the menu had a brief history on coffee culture though. I learned about Third Wave coffee! 😀 They’ve got a lot of cool events (like a barista boot camp) going on too so even though I didn’t have a stellar experience, I’m sure it’s great normally.

  • Ordered: Americano
  • Drink Rating: 3/5
  • Total Rating: 3.5/5



📍 Immanuelkirchstraße 6 | $

It’s like an eccentric grandmother’s living room but cooler. The furniture’s all mismatched, the menu is written in chalk, there are small flowers everywhere, and the plates are all unique. I managed to get a considerable amount of work done while here too. I definitely appreciated the steady WiFi and abundance of outlets. Plus the mocha and streusel I ordered were scrumptious!

  • Ordered: mocha and berry streusel
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5


Impala Coffee

📍 Schönhauser Allee 173 | $$

This cafe was a colorful and vibrant shop located right next to my hostel in Berlin. There was a plethora of sandwich and smoothie offerings and had a wide variety of pastries, pies, and cakes! There were also plenty of cozy, wooden seats outside on the patio. I just wish it were warmer when I visited so that I could sit outside and watch the locals stroll by.

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 3.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5


St. Oberholz

📍 Zehdenicker Str. 1 | $

St. Oberholz is one of the several coffee shops in Berlin that also offers coworking services, which provides space for people to drop in and do work. The shops are great for freelancers, travelling professionals, meetings, students (sort of), etc. I just stopped by one morning to grab some joe and take advantage of the fast WiFi to do some homework. It ended up being one of my favorite coffee shops in Berlin (and maybe all of Europe).

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 5/5



📍 Weinmeisterstraße 9A | $$

I honestly only went here because I needed to get some work done in the early evening and it was one of the few shops still open in that neighborhood. Nevertheless, the coffee was decent, seating was substantial, WiFi was reliable, and the ambiance was welcoming. It wasn’t spectacular in any way but a nice place nevertheless. They also had a substantial food menu, and there were lots of patrons having an early dinner when I visited, but because I didn’t try the food I can’t pass judgment.

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 3/5
  • Total Rating: 3.75/5


Shakespeare and Sons

📍 Warschauer Str. 74 | $$

Shakespeare and Sons was probably my favorite coffee shop in all of Berlin (and 3rd place in all of Europe) because it was also a bookstore! They had shelves upon shelves of fictions, biographies, books in English, etc. and plenty of private and community tables for studying and working. I sat at the counter overlooking the street and people-watched while sipping my flat white and occasionally reading my book, Norwegian Wood. They also have delicious bagels, cookies, and baked goods!

  • Ordered: flat white and peanut butter cookie
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 5/5


Silo Coffee

📍 Gabriel-Max-Straße 4 | $$

Ugh, I loved this place. It was a cozy, third-wave, hipster coffee shop staffed by beanie-clad baristas with Australian accents 💕 The aesthetic comprised of tan wood furniture, brick walls, and red coffee cups. They also had a nice menu of brunch, lunch, and dinner items which included poached eggs, avocado toast, and fresh breads, but I only stopped by for coffee so I can’t comment on the food. I’ve heard it’s great though!

  • Ordered: flat white
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4.5/5

Monday feeling pretty fine because it's Sunny 😊

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Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿


Choco Cafe U

📍 Liliová 250/4 | $$

Again, this one’s not really a coffee shop, but I just had to include it! How could I not mention a hot chocolate shop?! So this isn’t the hot chocolate you’d get from a Swiss Miss packet; it’s thick, rich, viscous drinking chocolate that’s like heaven in cup. Oh my goodness. Now this actually wasn’t the best drinking chocolate I’ve ever had (scroll down for that one!) but it was a divine experience nonetheless. I got the spicy one so the chili powder really added an extra oomph to the drink. If you like dark chocolate (and you should), then make sure you visit this place, grab of cup of liquid chocolate, and savor the experience.

  • Ordered: Dark hot chocolate with chili
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5




📍 Anenská 3 | $

I loved that this little coffee shop was tucked away in a small building located next to the river. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into someone’s living room, where the afternoon light shines through the linen curtains and gives the entire shop a bright airiness. And the kindest, cheeriest people will serve you coffee and cookies as you chat with old friends all about your life’s adventures. It was idyllic. Earlier in my solo trip to London, Berlin, and Prague, I had bought Norwegian Wood at Waterstones, a book store near Trafalgar Square in London. I read the book throughout my travels and finally finished it here at Tricafe. It was a beautiful read and I’ll always have fond memories of this cafe, that book, and my adventures in these three wonderful cities.

  • Ordered: flat white and chocolate chip cookie
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 5/5


EMA Espresso Bar

📍 110 00 Praha 1-Florenc | $$

On my last day in Prague, I made it my mission to stop by three different places for breakfast, so I power-walked to Bakeshop, Sisters, and EMA Espresso Bar. It was kinda awesome walking around the city on a brisk morning and seeing the city slowly come to life. EMA is pretty cool because there’s seating on an upper level, lots of pastries, and strong coffee. I highly recommend it!

  • Ordered: flat white
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4.5/5

ema espresso



Venice, Italy 🇮🇹


Caffe Del Doge

📍 Calle dei Cinque | $

I didn’t spend a lot of time in Venice since my wallet was stolen on the train and thus had very, very limited funds but I managed to squeeze in one coffee stop. Despite Italian coffee being revered as high caliber, I wasn’t very impressed. The cafe was small and nothing special aesthetically or service-wise, but the drink was decent. I was expecting better…

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 3/5
  • Total Rating: 3/5

caffe del Doge



Rome, Italy 🇮🇹


La bottega del caffe

📍 Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, 5 | $

My friend Emily and I stopped by here for lunch after taking a 14 hour train ride from Vienna to Rome, and boy did I need the coffee. The food left some to be desired but the cappuccino I ordered was great. Dark, rich, strong, and smooth….mmmmmm. The place was more so a “restaurant cafe” than a “coffee shop cafe” so I wouldn’t recommend it for coffee exclusively but you do you.

  • Ordered: cappuccino and salmon rocket sandwich
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 3.5/5


Cappuccino Doc

📍 Via Ostiense, 71F | $

My friend and I stumbled upon this place while wandering around Testaccio looking for food and things to do since we couldn’t go to a cat cafe like we originally planned. The drinks ended up being delicious and cheap, and there was a wide variety of flavored coffee/espresso drinks too. They also have a decent amount of pastries.

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5



Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸


Federal Cafe

📍 Carrer del Parlament, 39 | $

After many stressful hours in the airport desperately trying to find my lost phone (spoilers: I never found it), the brunch my friend Tess and I had at Federal Cafe was much appreciated. We sat on the second level and had a nice view of the people strolling through the streets below. Though the coffee was merely decent, the food was great so I recommend going for brunch, especially if you order the morning veggie burger or the avocado toast. They do have flat whites and Viennese coffee though so I appreciated the range.

  • Ordered: Me – flat white and morning veggie burger | Tess – cappuccino and eggs benedict
  • Drink Rating: 3.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5


The Juice House

📍 Carrer del Parlament, 12 | $

This one isn’t specifically a coffee shop but I just had to mention it too. Tess and I were feeling icky that morning since we had so many indulgent drinks and foods lately that we needed a cleanse…and a lot of fruit. Thus we stopped by The Juice House for breakfast and had amazing smoothies, avocado toast, and coffee. They also have smoothie bowls, salads, juices, and wine! The shop is adorably furnished with light wood tables, small plants, brick walls, and illustrations on the walls. The waiter was also super friendly and chatted with us about local eateries and sightseeing destinations.

  • Ordered: Me – Veggie all Stars smoothie and cortado | Tess – Clementina smoothie, avocado toast, cortado
  • Drink Rating: 4.5/5
  • Total Rating: 4.5/5



El Cafe Blueproject

📍 Calle Princesa 57 | $$

We didn’t know that the cafe was vegan, so when Tess and I ordered cappuccinos and was asked whether we wanted soy milk or almond milk, we were a little thrown off. Tess asked if they had “normal milk” and the waiter responded, “That is normal milk.” LOL. When he left, Tess whispered to me, “That is NOT normal milk.” LOL! The drinks were still great in my opinion and I would have loved to come at another time for a meal since they have a wide range of vegan, gluten-free, raw, and organic dishes available. Plus, the cafe is near the Arc de Triomf and provides lots of comfy seating throughout the shop.

  • Ordered: soy cappucinos
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5

El Café Blueproject está situado en el mismo corazón de Barcelona, en calle Princesa 57 en el barrio del Born, al lado del Parque de la Ciudadela. ❤Nuestros platos se elaboran con productos de Kilometro cero, es decir, productos de proximidad para que sean frescos en el momento de prepararlos y servirlos. De esta forma, nos aseguramos que nuestra materia prima es de gran calidad siendo 100% ecológica y nuestros platos completamente artesanales: pan, pasteles, galletas todo lo que servimos lo elaboran nuestros experimentados cocineros❤. Trabajamos con una serie de distribuidores entre los cuales están: Keviures, Jacko entre otros. Las bebidas que servimos son también de agricultura ecológica, los vinos, las cervezas o zumos que exprimimos antes de servirlos para que conserven todas sus propiedades.🌱🌱🌱 Nuestra intención es promover un estilo de vida saludable para las personas a la par que ético y sostenible para el medio ambiente. Así, la especialidad del Café Blueproject es la comida viva, Raw Food y vegana para mantener así, el respeto por los animales y cuidar la tierra que nos da la vida. OS ESPERAMOS DE MARTES A DOMINGOS DE 10:00 HORAS A 20:00 HORAS

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Granja M. Viader

📍 Carrer d’en Xuclà, 4-6 | $$

Upon coming to Barcelona, Tess and I knew we had to find the best place for churros con chocolate and Granja M. Viader was (according to the internet and our lovely Airbnb hosts) the winner hands down. Oh my goodness; it was heavenly. We were lucky enough to slip in 20 minutes before closing and find a seat in the crowded cafe, but we were still rushed out by the persnickety staff who thought we were enjoying the chocolate too slowly. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and you can never go back to cinnamon sugar churros again. It’s just not the same.

  • Ordered: churros con chocolate and creme brulee
  • Drink Rating: 5/5
  • Total Rating: 5/5

Home made chocolate & churros of course 💯 #tradition #typicalfood #barcelona

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Coffee Republic

📍 Barcelona Airport | $

So normally I wouldn’t mention airport coffee because it’s, well, airport coffee, but this one was actually pretty good and quite affordable. 4 euros for airport coffee?? A steal! The cappuccino was ginormous, dusted with chocolate, and came in an adorable mug. I just sat at the cafe and did work for an hour while sipping away at this big cup of joe.

  • Ordered: cappucino
  • Drink Rating: 3.75/5
  • Total Rating: 3.5/5




Amsterdam, The Netherlands 🇳🇱


Pelican Rouge Coffee

📍 Westerstraat 3, 1015 LT | $

I stopped by this place while riding bikes around Amsterdam’s many canals with my friend Bona. The feeling of brisk, December air prickling our skin as we flew through the cobblestone streets was amazing, so the warmth from a delicious cup of coffee was even better afterwards. The shop is tiny but the drinks are strong, and the cafe is located near Wersterstaat flea market, one of the most popular markets in all of Amsterdam.

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival проходит в этом году с 10 по 12 марта. Попасть на него нам не удалось, зато каждый день мы тестировали по 4-5 популярных кофеен в разных районах Амстердама, и отобрали для вас лучшие, из тех, что удалось попробовать. Отбирали по максимальному качеству сразу 3-х продуктов: эспрессо, альтернатива, капучино. 1. Espresso fabriek @espressofabriek 2. Back to black @backtoblackcoffee 3. Good Beans @goodbeanscoffee 4. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters Также, стоит заглянуть: – C-T Coffee and Coconuts: самая огромная кофейня, которую я когда-либо видела (4 этажа – это вам не шутки!) с отличным вегетарианским меню и впечатляющим интерьером – Bakers&Roasters – новозеландские завтраки, которые хочется съесть вместе с тарелкой 😝

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📍 Spui 28, 1012 XA | $

Despite Amsterdam being the cutest, hippest, “coffee shop” filled city I visited in Europe, I didn’t actually get that much coffee. Since I traveled with several other people, I didn’t hang out in cafes that often, but we did grab a cup from this chain while exploring the city on our last morning in Amsterdam. The shop itself is tiny but colorful and they have a wide range of flavored drinks. It was tasty and hit the spot. Not bad for a chain.

  • Ordered: coconut latte
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 3.5/5

Het is maart, dat klinkt als lente! 📸@eefleeft @ccoudedoelen #lente #polonaise

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Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭



📍 Rue du Mont-Blanc 1 | $$$

God this place is so overhyped but I had to go because my friend Meghan insisted. Plus, the one in Paris invented macarons so you can’t really go to Europe without visiting the cafe. Something to note: Laduree is expensive, and since this one was in Geneva, the place was extra expensive. It’s definitely not worth it since you can get better macarons, cakes, and coffee elsewhere for cheaper but you’re paying for the experience so I guess it’s somewhat worth it for the ambiance. In the wise words of Meghan’s dad, “This place is so bougie.”

  • Ordered: various macarons, cappuccino, and latte
  • Drink Rating: 3/5
  • Total Rating: 3/5

15910339_10208839231399859_872061734_n (2)



Paris, France 🇫🇷


DOSE Coffee Dealer

📍 73 Rue Mouffetard | $

I only had one full day in Paris so I planned my coffee trips by geographic practicality, so I visited DOSE for a breakfast of cafe au lait and pain au chocolat. They weren’t great unfortunately, so it was a bit of a let down since I was in France! The drink wasn’t strong or rich, and the pain au chocolat wasn’t even heated up…I did like the interior design and the abundance of outdoor seating though. They also had decent WiFi so that was a plus as well.

  • Ordered: cappuccino
  • Drink Rating: 3/5
  • Total Rating: 3/5


KB CafeShop

📍 53 Avenue Trudaine | $$

Another Australian, third-wave coffee shop! Of all the Parisian coffee shops I visited (as you can see I unfortunately didn’t get to try that many) this one was my favorite. The flat white I ordered was divine. Deep, rich, velvety smooth, and aromatic with just the right amount of bitterness…mmmm; this was one of the best flat whites I ever had. The shop was also very cute, being quite small but also very open with its tall glass windows letting in the evening sunlight and providing full view of the people strolling by on the streets. It was a little crowded since the walls were lined with bags of coffee beans, coffee-making equipment, and snacks but it felt cozy rather than cramped. I also bought a bag of beans for my parents as a late Christmas present. They also had Wifi and plenty of outdoor seating.

  • Ordered: flat white
  • Drink Rating: 5/5
  • Total Rating: 5/5




📍 39 Rue du Roi de Sicile | $$

After traipsing through the Parisian streets all day, I needed a chocolate break, so I turned to Pozzetto for a delicious, hot cup of drinking chocolate. Though not quite as rich and dark as Granja M. Viader’s in Barcelona, this hot chocolate was still amazingly indulgent. Pozzetto serves gelato, cut meats, and coffee too.

  • Ordered: hot chocolate
  • Drink Rating: 4/5
  • Total Rating: 4/5

enjoy the moments 🍥🍧

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Let me know what your favorite coffee shops or cafes are! I’ll be heading out to New York for the summer, so I’d love to get recommendations for there as well! 😀


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