What’s up fellow hoomans?!

Alright, I’m not that creative, cultured, or cool (that alliteration though), but I want to be…I just was to be kewl guys!!

This is my attempt at being koooool.

As you can see, I’m not really on the road to success here.


  • Exploring local cafes and coffee shops b/c hipster shit is my guilty pleasure and coffee is tasty…
  • Book/movie/TV/music reviews, recommendations, lists, and thoughts (mostly lists b/c I’m lazy…sorry)
  • Life tips and school advice and sharing my adventures in adulting
  • General thoughts, musings, and writings (re: brain dumps)

Each of the menu tabs will take you to that specific category. The home page will have all the posts.

I’m just trying to be a more cultured person, so maybe writing all these things down will help?

Learn more about me at my personal site/portfolio of sorts: maitlynphan.wordpress.com



Maitlyn (@ahoyymaity)